Has your growth slowed? Are you wrestling with strategic issues that need to be researched? We help companies identify opportunities during these challenging times through complete strategic analyses.

Whether the answer is international or new product expansion we help you identify the right solution.

Our Expand services are designed for midsize companies to get strategic research to identify new growth. New growth may come from international growth, new products or a deeper understanding of your customers and competitors.

International Market Assessment
Which markets provide the greatest strategic fit for your products or services? We help identify markets that you may not have considered but that have strong opportunities. We assess markets based on existing competition, costs of entry, and the cultural impacts that could slow down your market entry.

International Operations
After deciding on the best markets through a market assessment, we help you pick the right way to operationalize. Should you use a partner? Should you start building a team through a PEO? What are all of the resources available to you domestically and internationally to make things go as smoothly as possible.

Segmentation Reviews

Customers have different needs. Some want more greater value while others want the low-frill option. We help identify specific actionable segments, revealing their preferences for product, service level, price, etc. This allows clear answers on which product options are right for each segment. By providing the right segment with the right options, you increase your sales but also the speed at which you close deals.