Here’s a sampling of select insights from the GrowthXel team.

Optimizing Your Team for Bottom-Line Growth

Today’s business leaders are more aware than ever of operational inefficiencies. That’s why finance is a crucial department to monitor regularly and optimize when possible. Financial Reporting and Financial Planning and Analysis are important parts of Finance, but Accounting Operations is the engine. Here we’ll discuss the finance management processes that could help your company save money and increase profits by simplifying procedures on a daily basis.

Finding Your Lost Revenue with Pricing

On average, only a third of your customers contribute 133% of your profits. This means two-thirds of your customers either breakeven or lose you money. What are you doing about this?

For most companies, the answer is nothing. Most executives do not even realize this is happening. Imagine if 66% of your employees were not showing up to work. Think of the level of executive involvement there would be to address this issue. Why aren’t executives actively addressing the 66% of customers that breakeven or worse?

RPA: Before You Start Your Project

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) has been the hot issue in finance for several years for larger enterprises. However, every day we come across finance executives who have never heard of it. Sometimes CFOs say they have heard of RPA but admit not fully understanding what it is. In other words, even when they are aware of it, the idea of RPA seems highly conceptual.

Hacking the CFO Learning Curve

Congratulations! You are now a CFO. Maybe this is your first CFO role. The job of your dreams. The job you’ve always wanted. However, you will find it’s a challenging job—more challenging than you imagined—that gets more difficult the longer you stay. Today’s CFO, it seems, has more technology under their team than CIOs managed for full companies in the mid 90s. The CFO also has a vast group of constituents wanting her time: her team, her peers on the senior team, the board/audit committee, auditors, CEO, shareholders, government, to name a few. CFO tenure is under 6 years. If you survive, you may be rewarded with the ultimate corner office someday.

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