We started out with a goal of helping companies grow—literally. In the early days, we helped small and mid-sized companies looking to expand into new parts of the world. We’d help them identify markets they could enter at the lowest costs. We helped companies expand into Africa, Latin America, and Europe.

While doing international expansion work, we had several clients ask us to help them domestically. Typically, our roles were at the intersection of strategy, marketing, and finance.

After several years of helping companies expand internationally and helping domestic companies with no interest in international expansion, we outgrew our original name, Cross Atlantic Business Advisors, LLC. So, we rebranded as GrowthXel, a name that reflects what we’re about—helping accelerate growth and optimize results.


We exist to accelerate growth of our clients and communities we serve


GROWTH: We strive to improve results by continually investing in bettering ourselves and our services

RESPECT: We give and expect respect always

ANTI-DRAMA: We choose to relentlessly focus on finding solutions instead of being problem-focused

COMMUNITY: We serve our community with our finances and our time

EXCELLENCE: We strive to deliver excellence through A+ work always