Our Optimization Practice serves CFOs of middle market companies who are looking for new breakthroughs to increase their performance.


As companies grow, there’s always a need to get more done. Efficiency is expected and required instead of hiring more resources. Our extensive process review is the first step. We follow that up with implementation of old-school process improvement and new-school technology like Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Have monthly processes that take a significant amount of time and resources to perform? Are there controls that are not performed because they are so tedious? Whether these activities reside Finance, Human Resources, Supply Chain, etc., RPA may be an effective option that saves costs while adding significant efficiencies.

RPA is setting up software “bots” to perform these tasks on behalf of your people, allowing them to focus more on review and analysis. RPA works seamlessly with your existing tech stack.


In addition to RPA and other processes to improve your efficiency, there are opportunities to take a strategic view to creating a more modern finance organization. Finance transformation is that process. We help CFOs strategically map out where they want to go and assist in delivering their vision for the future. We help with full assessment and implementation of the right options: from ERP systems to specific tools like Blackline, OneStream, Hyperion, etc.

Client Perspective

I have worked with Sam and his team at GrowthXel for a number of years and I’ve used them on multiple projects, because they always deliver excellent consulting services, but more importantly they are a trusted partner who provide solutions in their clients’ best interest. I’ve found that Sam and his team consistently offer insightful observations and advice even if not most expedient to their firm.
Michael L. Schmit, Chief Financial Officer, RPC, Inc.