Our CEO Practice serves CEOs of growing companies who are looking for new breakthroughs to increase their growth.


Revenue growth is a never-ending quest for executives. Generally, growth is solved by adding more salespeople, asking existing salespeople to sell more, or creating or acquiring new products and services. Often, the results are mixed. Accelerate is the answer to improving your growth through a data-centric approach.

We employ a systematic approach to identify customer experience gaps limiting value perception. We go beyond the high-level understanding of how customers like your product or services. We gain a deeper understanding of your customers’ existing opportunities and concerns.

These insights are gleaned not only through impactful surveys. We typically follow up with brief, but meaningful customer interviews done on behalf of our clients.

We then incorporate data analysis to assess true product service profitability. Using data and insights from your customers, we identify lost opportunities that improve your growth trajectory. We then craft a roadmap to impact on growth for existing products and your future product innovations.

Accelerate your revenue growth through a detailed analysis today and watch the growth flow directly to your bottom line.

GXOs (Growth X Officers)

We help venture-capital and private-equity backed companies expand their executive teams with high quality executives. These relationships are month-to-month relationships that are meant to be convenient for clients. However, they have extended over time with our typical client tenure being 18 months and longer. Client CEOs get a trusted ally as their CFO or COO and experience significant ROI.


Has your growth slowed? Are you wrestling with strategic issues that need to be researched? We help companies identify opportunities during these challenging times through complete strategic analyses.

Whether the answer is international or new product expansion we help you identify the right solution.

Our Expand services are designed for growing companies to get strategic research to identify new growth. New growth may come from international growth, new products or a deeper understanding of your customers and competitors. Identify new international markets with our market assessments and then operationalize with our international partner services.

I highly recommend GrowthXel.  GrowthXel has been a tremendous asset to ourorganization.  Their knowledge, skills, dedication, and communication regarding financial matters have been extremely helpful to us as a growing startup. Mo Sloan, CEO, EZ-Chow, Inc.

We engaged GrowthXel to help us review our pricing. Not only did they do that, but they gave me the confidence to change our sales approach. The result has been larger revenue per customer and better retention.                      Chris B., CEO, Sales Software Company