Case Studies

Education technology startup kept encountering the dreaded, “we like your solution but don’t have the budget.”
While engaged, we helped quantify some of the benefits of the client’s solution and presented it in a way that made sense for their customers.
Results: Recently, when told by a prospect that they didn’t have the budget, the client used the approach we developed and got a $40,000 sale from the “no-budget” client.

Health technology startup had several strategic decisions: determine which industry targets needed immediate focus; maximize pricing options for each target; identify ideal growth strategies
GrowthXel, after one month, worked collaboratively with client to identify ideal B2B targets, developed pricing models that provided higher returns, and identified potential B2C challenges and opportunities.
Results: Client prioritized top target, tweaked go-to-market approach, and engaged GrowthXel for 6 months

A mobile technology company needed help with strategic international growth
GrowthXel identified the top markets for this client and the top prospects within each market.
Results: Within 3 months, client had 3 ideal prospects under contract.

A cloud company needed to convey benefits of their newly developed product to their target customers
GrowthXel came in and created a full total cost of ownership model that could be used in sales and marketing process where prospects could calculate savings to be derived with client’s solution.
Results: Client received easy-to-use sales and pricing models that they used to build their company.