“I had the opportunity to work with GrowthXel and team while they developed a variety of new business and pricing models for the cloud services we were bringing to the cable and broadcast market. In every case, GrowthXel brought tremendous diligence, attention to detail, drive, and strong strategic thinking to the role. They made great contributions to the growth and success of our business. I strongly endorse GrowthXel for your consideration.” Dodge Bingham, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Sequencia Technologies, Inc.

“Sam has become a trusted advisor to StudentBridge. Not only has he strengthened our financial processes, but he has given solid inputs during strategic discussions that have made the subsequent decisions more effective. I’ve enjoyed having him as part of our team.” Chris Ruttle, CEO, StudentBridge, Inc.

“In my line of work I have the opportunity to work with many consultants around the world.  There are the consultants that say the right things but never really get anything done.  And then there are the consultants like GrowthXel who say the right thing but then deliver on their commitments.  But I might add that Sam and team actually over deliver and go beyond the role of consultant in their exceptional work.    Sam has been diligent, resourceful, and effective in our business development efforts in Africa.  His knowledge of the continent is amazing and without it we would still be at square one.  Sam and his team executed on a targeted plan that has been proven with results.  Lastly, I trust Sam and that is a critical criterion to me.  If you are looking for business development in a new geography I would highly recommend Sam and team.” Andy Ross, VP and General Manager, Florida Virtual School.